Why I love being a designer and why it’s the best job in the world

Being a designer for almost half my life, helped me really experiment and dive deep into different areas of design and thought I’d share with the community why I love it.


Seeing the people reactions once I show them the end result

There’s no better feeling then the expression of people when they see the final deliverable, especially when they say WOW. During my career I’ve been lucky enough to experience this multiple times, clients being amazed how I turned something that was a simple idea in their head or a rough sketch into something visually appealing or completely overhaul it and take it to the next level.


Working from remote positions

As a designer and the power of internet, I found myself working with clients from around the world, not being confined by my geographic position. One day you can be in the office, the next day you can be at your local Starbucks or even on the other end of the world, on a beach… and yeah that actually happened once.


Working in cool offices

There aren’t too many industries that you can say “I’m playing table football with the guys at the office” when someone calls you or “I’m at a team building exercise in the woods, playing paintball”. These are the awesome studio perks that you get from being a designer, it’s just a fun and cool environment that let’s you play and blow off some steam to find your inspiration and to be more productive on the long run, while also pushing your creativity by working in cool environments like a brainstorm session on the roof or next to the pool.


Being creative & finding inspiration

Personally, I love pushing myself to create new and interesting things using a wide range of software. Sometimes I might explore other industries to find inspiration or find new ways to use my existing skillset, either way I really enjoy taking something that was just a simple idea into something that’s visually striking and understood by others.


Creating cool artwork

One thing is certain, as a designer you probably won’t have a problem creating a piece of artwork that will look amazing on your wall and impress your guests, when they are coming over or even have some printed portfolios laying around that they can browse.


Tech savvy

If business require a designer and developers to start their online presence… designers, depending on their experience, don’t require to hire anybody, we’re naturally tech savvy individuals that can start their online business or presence by ourselves. Take this blog & my portfolio for example, I’ve got them up and running without needing a whole team of specialists, how cool is that?


Work with big brands and seeing your work

Being a designer is probably one of the few industries where you and others can see your work displayed across the city, online or on tv. There are few niches that you can say hey i’ve made that or hey I’m working for a Nike advertising campaign.


The opportunities & sense of gratification

Probably the best feeling in the world, once you complete a project and see it trending on behance, dribbble or even receive some awards from the cool guys at Awwwards, The FWA and so on. You could have been working on that project for months and to finally see it appreciated at it’s true value by other professionals, is just awesome.


The industry

I’ve said this multiple times on my twitter account but i just love the design community, designers are friendly, welcoming, open minded and just a fun bunch to hang out, constantly pushing the limit of what’s possible. In nearly 10 years of working in the industry, I’ve received my harsh part of criticism when I was just starting out, that might have been upsetting at that point, however I’ve learned to not take it personal and interpret that criticism into something that’s actually helpful that will be avoided in the future when working with that client. So once you’re fresh out of college you might face some harsh facts, but keep in mind that it gets better as you progress.


Shaping the future

The web industry has been booming and we as designers are probably the first few people to interact with industry changing websites in the form of startups that are just starting out and aim to disrupt the industry.


It’s your turn

Well those were my 10 reasons, I’m curious to see why do you love being designer? so share it in the comments below.

Gradinar Razvan
Gradinar Razvan
I've been in the industry for over 9 years and as a Senior Designer I've managed to gather a solid knowledge in a wide variety of fields such as UX, graphic & web design, architecture visualization as well as earning some awards & recognitions. Nowadays I work with clients from across the world doing all of the above, depending on the project & clients need. If you would like to know more about me feel free to view the about section of this website or visit my LinkedIn profile.
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