10 Photoshop Secrets for Architectural Visualization – FREE PDF

As a way to celebrate the blogs launch, I decided to create a free PDF that will help you get some information regarding how you can improve your renderings by providing some tips of how professional visualization artists use Photoshop to take a render to the next level.


The Free PDF contains:

  • 5 pages of unique content that’s never been seen before
  • 10 tips that I’ve earned during almost 0 years of working with Photoshop and 4 years as an architecture visualization artist
  • basic introduction of how to use lighting to attract the eyes towards certain key areas of a render
  • a quick lesson on how to make your renders feel more alive by altering the perception of depth
  • some photoshop plugins used by industry professionals as a way to  ease the post production process


What this PDF won’t contain:

  • step by step explanation how to achieve certain look
  • an introduction to Photoshop or the use of it’s plugins
  • any hidden fees or sponsored products



How to get it?

Well simply signup for my newsletter, either using the form below or using the form at the bottom of the right sidebar. Once you signup a  link to the PDF will be provided in your inbox, if you didn’t receive it please check the spam folder.

Free PDF

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Hopefully after reading it you’ll get a better idea on how to create stunning composition in photoshop and take your architecture visualizations to the next level.

Gradinar Razvan
Gradinar Razvan
I've been in the industry for over 9 years and as a Senior Designer I've managed to gather a solid knowledge in a wide variety of fields such as UX, graphic & web design, architecture visualization as well as earning some awards & recognitions. Nowadays I work with clients from across the world doing all of the above, depending on the project & clients need. If you would like to know more about me feel free to view the about section of this website or visit my LinkedIn profile.
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